Component Pigs

Component or mandrel pigs consist of a polyurethane post or steel body with easily replaceable cups, discs and/or brushes which makes them a versatile solution to many pipeline pigging problems. The, cups, discs and brushes can be replaced as they wear, effectively making it a new pig. Cups come in a variety of styles and when properly mated with discs or brushes can be arranged to accommodate virtually any pipeline design or obstacle including multi-diameter pipelines.

The ability to configure the kind and quantity of cups and discs as well as include other options like brushes, gauge plates, transmitter cavities and magnet packs make component pigs a very individualized choice for pipeline cleaning, batching, gauging, displacement, removal of paraffin or scale build up, bi-directional pigging and dual-diameter or multi-sized pipelines.

  • Super Pig

    Super Pig

  • Steel body pigs for pipeline cleaning, batching, gauging

    Steel Body Pig

  • Replaceable Component Pigs

    Custom Component Pigs

  • Replacement Pigging Brushes


  • Replacement Pig Cups


  • Replacement Pigging Discs