Pig Tracking & Locating / Transmitters

Pipetech provides state-of-the-art Pipeline Pig Tracking Equipment. With choices of multi-source receivers, remote viewing via blue-tooth communications, LineStat Global Satellite-based notifications and programmable multi-frequency transmitters, Pipetech has Pig Tracking and Locating Equipment for use on land, offshore platforms and subsea environments.

  • TRAXALL 770 Receiver

    TRAXALL 770 / 720

  • X100-2N Transmitter

    Transmitters for TRAXALL 770/720

  • CD42-R 22 Hz (Legacy) Pig Tracking & Locating

    CD42-R 22Hz (Legacy) Pig Tracking & Locating Systems

  • CD42-T4

    CD42 (Legacy) Series Transmitters