Pigging Products

Your first line of defence against preventing internal corrosion effectively.

Every pipeline has its own individual qualities and requires its own specific solutions. Furthermore, pigging programs have to reflect the conditions and problems at each and every segment of the pipeline.

Our line of pigging products has superior sealing and scraping properties to help operators ensure the integrity of pipelines while optimizing their flow rates. Our broad spectrum of pigging products includes cup and disc pigs for cleaning and maintenance programs as well as a full line of brush, filming, gauging, purging, dewatering and batching pigs. We also offer maintenance programs, progressive programs, and cleaning programs to run in conjunction with inline inspections.

  • CD Pig

    CD Pig Series

  • CP Pig

    CP Pig

  • CPC Pig

    CPC Pig

  • Super Tee Pig

    SuperTee Pig

  • FG Pig

    FG Pig

  • PVXC 2-Disc Style Pigging

    PVXC Pig Series

  • PVX Style Pig

    PVX Pig Series

  • PV Pig

    PV Pig Series

  • Tuffcast Pig

    Tuffcast Pig

  • Supercast Pig Series

    Supercast Pig Series

  • Supercast

    Super Cast Pig

  • Super Pig

    Super Pig

  • Multi Size Pig

    Multi Size Super Pig

  • Steel body pigs for pipeline cleaning, batching, gauging

    Steel Body Pig

  • Replaceable Component Pigs

    Custom Component Pigs

  • Meter Prover Spheres

    Meter Prover Spheres

  • PVXB Brush Pig

    PVXB Pig

  • CDB Brush Pig

    Brush Pigs

  • Super Gauging Pig

    Gauging Pigs

  • PV Bi-Directional Pig

    Bi-Directional Pigs

  • Multi Disc Pig

    Multi Disc Pig

  • Magnum Pigging

    Magnum Pig

  • Super Bi-Di Pig

    Super Bi-Di Pig

  • Replacement Pigging Brushes


  • Super Optima Pig

    Super Optima Pig

  • Guide To Pipeline Pigging Products

    Foam Pigs

  • Replacement Pig Cups


  • Replacement Pigging Discs