From mitigating corrosion and ensuring the integrity of oil and gas pipelines in Alberta to cleaning peanut butter lines in New Zealand, Pipetech designs and delivers products that address a range of system issues and capabilities.

Pipetech started in the Canadian oil and gas industry 30 years ago and has grown to service a number of other sectors around the world.  As we’ve grown our expertise, product lines and list of customers, we have remained steadfastly committed to proper cleaning and maintenance of pipelines.

Oil & Gas

Pipetech is a pioneer in conventional pigging. We have created unique products with optimal sealing and scraping properties that help you ensure the integrity of your pipelines while optimizing flow rates.  

But ensuring safety and efficiency requires more than a pig in a pipeline. That’s why our product line has grown to include pig signals, pig locating and tracking equipment, pig valves, flange isolation and sealing gaskets and kits, casing spacers, end seals and monolithic joints.

More than quality products, Pipetech’s experienced technical team works with you to provide the tools, technology and expertise for cost effective solutions that help you ensure the safety and profitability of your pipeline.


There are different requirements for pipeline construction than pipeline maintenance. Some pipeline development or renovation projects are extremely complex, requiring underground vaults, tunnels, road and rail crossings as well as heating, cooling or ventilation. 

Our range of products—from pigs to remove debris, for hydrostatic testing to critical service gaskets, flange isolation kits, casing spacers and isolators—offer cost effective solutions.



Whether you’re moving coolant from a nuclear reactor, hydroelectric plant, land-based turbines, geothermal power or a coal-fired plant, Pipetech offers precise solutions to get coolant where it needs to be, safely.

If you’re matching dissimilar materials or have dissimilar flange configurations Pipetech has an engineered, high-integrity sealing solution.


When you’re moving hazardous chemicals, workplace safety is even more crucial. Pipetech offers a full line of pipeline products to service the chemical processing industry.  All of our high-performance products are engineered to be reliable and safe.