Pig Valve Pigs

Send and receive pigs to and from your pipeline.

Pigging Valves offer a wide variety of solutions to send and receive pigs to and from your pipeline. Pipetech offers specialized pigs for the trusted names in the industry – Meridian, Argus, Barber, and Master Flow.

Though pigging valves offer a cost effective and convenient solution for your pipeline, there are challenges associated with them that the specialists at Pipetech can help you overcome.

Putting your pig into action without stopping your product’s flow is now an option that is available with auto launcher pigging valves.


We're pipeline pigging experts.

You're not just buying a product, our expertise comes with every purchase.

Our decades of hands-on field experience, from unconventional environments to compliance and safety, allows us to understand what you need - down to the smallest detail.

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