From the boardroom to the field, no one does it better than Pipetech.

For more than 30 years, Pipetech has been delivering and customizing pigging programs and sealing solutions in Canada’s oil and gas industry and around the world. We work with proactive companies who value innovation and maintain high standards of execution to protect their pipeline integrity.

Our wealth of hands-on experience, from unconventional environments to compliance and safety, allows us to understand what you need – right down to the smallest detail.


Decades of Experience

We can help you mitigate:

  • Corrosion
  • Risk of ruptures and leaks
  • Purging
  • Dewatering
  • Unplanned shutdowns & maintenance

The right program will save you unnecessary costs and increase your ROI through reduced operational disruption.

30 years in the field.
30 years of hands-on experience.
30 years of jobs done right.

We have the expertise to minimize your risk, maximize your compliance, and ensure your pipeline’s integrity.

We understand that every pipeline has individual qualities that require specific solutions. We customize 80% of our products down to the legal subdivision.

Your solution should not be focused on material used; rather, it should reflect the conditions and challenges at each segment of the pipeline. Throughout our 30 years of working with countless cases we have developed a 9-tiered analysis we use to dig deep into your pipeline. We look for the good, the bad and the ugly in order to discover anomalies that have occurred from:

  • Weather cycles and frost heaves
  • Road loading causing dents, bulges, and buckles
  • Damage the protective coatings to prevent corrosion and cracks
  • Operational errors and material defects from years of relentless pressure cycles

After uncovering all information, we adapt equipment and material to meet the each segment of your pipeline – even if we have to do it line-by-line.


Removing the Challenges Around Pipeline Safety and Compliance – No Matter How Fragile the Situation

At Pipetech, we do not take shortcuts. In today’s world, the cost of failure is not acceptable.

Safety and compliance goes beyond regulatory fines. Failures in these areas can cause significant environmental damage – not to mention the potential impact to your brand and business.

We work with all stakeholders in your organization to meet expectations from all areas of business.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our seamless execution of pipeline integrity solutions stems from our detail-oriented planning.

  • We build specific equipment designed to launch pigs correctly.
  • We ensure our gaskets are well-fitted and protect against specific environmental elements.
  • We design and build our products so that they can withstand high heat or high sour service, handle low pressure and high pressure changes, navigate diameter changes and/or function within non-metallic pipelines.

Tailored Innovation With World-Class Execution

We’re the pioneers of using pigs with chemicals to control corrosion in pipelines. As a result of this innovative process, we’ve been able to decrease operational disruptions, prevent corrosive build-up on interior walls, and ultimately preserve the integrity of the pipeline through which our pigs run.

We’re continually evolving our products and services to keep pace with changes in the pipeline industry. To remain the leaders in innovative solutions and meet our customers’ various needs, we’re a part of various industry associations.

Why Choose Pipetech for your Pipeline Sealing & Electrical Isolation needs?

For over 30 years Pipetech Corporation has been working with asset owners and pipeline engineers to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of their plants and pipelines. We offer the world’s leading critical pipeline sealing and electrical isolation products. From isolation gaskets and kits for both high and low pressure environments to monolithic isolation joints, isolating flanges and casing spacers these products feature advanced engineering and manufacturing processes to meet the challenging demands of the oil and gas, water/wastewater, and construction and infrastructure industries.

Our team of technical staff and applications engineers provide knowledgeable guidance on product selection, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and more. The sealing solutions Pipetech offers are continually developing to meet the most pressing pipeline challenges, often finding new solutions to age-old problems. Visit our products and resources pages to learn more about how our products and expert technical support can help your company increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.

Our reputation is built on formulating solutions which meet the specific needs of our customers' pipelines.


Contact us and let’s discuss your pipeline integrity needs.