Brush Pigs

Cleaning Brushes for Pipeline Pigs

Brushes are added to pipeline pigs for aggressive cleaning of the internal diameter of pipelines. They come in a variety of configurations; from a rotary brush – a full circle mounted as one piece on a urethane pig – to wrap brushes, to spring-loaded brushes mounted to a Super Pig or steel mandrel body pig. Brushes can be made from flat wire for more aggressive cleaning of tenacious deposits, or fine wire for more flexibility or corrosion pits. Pipetech brush pigs feature custom-made replaceable stainless steel brushes designed to minimize clogging.

Brush types:

  • Wrap brushes
  • Rotary brushes
  • HB brushes
  • Spring arm / paddle style brushes

Available in:

  • Fine wire
  • Flat wire

Brush Pigs

Any of the below products can be used as brush pigs. Please contact us if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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