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Cleaning & Maintenance Pigs

Your first line of defence against preventing internal corrosion effectively.

Aggressive, long-life pigs in a variety of cup and disc configurations are an excellent solution for pipeline maintenance. Whether you’re cleaning your pipeline for efficiency or corrosion control, removing construction debris or hydro-testing a new or recommissioned pipeline, Pipetech offers a multitude of product options for the task. After all, it’s not just about putting a pig in a pipeline.

Our pipeline cleaning pigs come in a variety of styles and sizes designed to accurately and effectively move through pipes of all sizes and configurations. Let us help you determine the appropriate pigs for your specific needs.


We're pipeline pigging experts.

You're not just buying a product, our expertise comes with every purchase.

Our decades of hands-on field experience, from unconventional environments to compliance and safety, allows us to understand what you need - down to the smallest detail.

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