Cleaning Pigs

Aggressive, long-life pigs in a variety of cup and disc configurations.

Whether you are cleaning your pipeline for efficiency, corrosion control, to remove constructions debris or hydro-testing a new or recommissioned pipeline there is a multitude of product options available and every option has its application. It’s not just about putting a pig in a pipeline.

Our pipeline cleaning pigs come in a variety of styles and sizes designed to accurately and effectively move through pipes of all sizes and configurations. Let us help you determine the appropriate pigs for your specific needs.

  • CD Pig

    CD Pig Series

  • PVXC 2-Disc Style Pigging

    PVXC Pig Series

  • PVX Style Pig

    PVX Pig Series

  • PV Pig

    PV Pig Series

  • Tuffcast Pig

    Tuffcast Pig

  • Supercast Pig Series

    Supercast Pig Series

  • Supercast

    Super Cast Pig

  • Super Pig

    Super Pig

  • Multi Size Pig

    Multi Size Super Pig

  • PV Bi-Directional Pig

    Bi-Directional Pigs

  • Multi Disc Pig

    Multi Disc Pig

  • Magnum Pigging

    Magnum Pig

  • Super Bi-Di Pig

    Super Bi-Di Pig