pipeline-abandonment-expansion-plugs Abandonment Plugs

Abandonment Plugs

 Aluminum / PL Plug 1½” to 36”


  • Lightweight, easy to handle – up to 70% lighter than similar steel plugs.
  • Durable cast aluminum – heavy duty, non-corrosive and maintenance-free; with natural rubber seal.
  • Fill or Vent – threaded pipe stem has removable cap.
  • Simple to install and work with – wing nut easily expands rubber seal.

NOTE: Expansion plugs are less effective at the higher limits of expansion than in the mid range. Let us help you by supplying the proper sizes for your requirements.

Product CodeNominal SizeSize UnexpandedSize ExpandedStem DiameterUnit Weight (LBS)
PL Plug 01.501 ½”1.456"1.889"½”.50 LB
PL Plug 02.002”1.889"2.440"½”.50 LB
PL Plug 02.502 ½”2.440"2.775"½”.50 LB
PL Plug 03.003”2.795"3.425"½”.75 LB
PL Plug 03.503 ½”3.503"3.700"½”1 LB
PL Plug 04.004”3.779"4.133"½”1 LB
PL Plug 04.504 ½”4.251"4.724"½”1 LB
PL Plug 05.005”4.842"5.393"½”1.5 LBS
PL Plug 06.006”5.900"6.550"1"1.5 LBS
PL Plug 07.007”6.550"7.300"1"3.2 LBS
PL Plug 08.008"7.700"8.550"1"3.4 LBS
PL Plug 09.009"8.200"9.100"1"3.9 LBS
PL Plug 010.0010"9.200"10.250"1"4.5 LBS
PL Plug 11.0011"10.300"11.200"1"4.9 LBS
PL Plug 12.0012"11.350"12.450"1"6.7 LBS
PL Plug 14.0014"13.800"15.100"1"11 LBS
PL Plug 15.0015"14.350"15.800"1"11.3 LBS
PL Plug 16.0016"15.600"17.000"1"13.8 LBS
PL Plug 18.0018"17.450"19.250"1"17 LBS
PL Plug 20.0020"19.150"20.650"2"30 LBS
PL Plug 21.0021"20.650"22.100"2"(Steel) 22.7 LBS
PL Plug 24.0024"23.550"25.500"2"33 LBS
PL Plug 27.0027"26.250"27.700"2"44 LBS
PL Plug 30.0030"29.250"31.000"2"60 LBS
PL Plug 32.0032"31.102"34.480"2"59 LBS
PL Plug 36.0036"34.500"36.800"2"96 LBS

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