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The VCFS* utilizes Pikotek’s standard VCS design with its 20 plus year track record of success in sealing Very Critical Service. The FS* version was created by taking a standard VCS configuration and adding a secondary sealing element that is capable of maintaining a seal while subject to a 1500ºF fire. The VCFS* combines the VCS’s proven track record of electrical isolation and sealing integrity in aggressive situations with a solution that has fully passed the API 6FB, 3rd Edition fire test.

The VCFS* is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and is offered for ring type joint (RTJ) flanges from 6”- 24” and raised face flanges from 2”-24”. The VCFS* is designed for service where the cost of joint failure cannot be tolerated and the operator desires both electrical isolation and added sealing integrity in the case of a fire.

The VCFS* consists of a PTFE spring-energized primary sealing element and an E-ring secondary seal, all seated in a high-strength metal core upon which an insulating laminate is permanently bonded. Due to its unique pressure activated sealing mechanism, the gasket requires far less bolt stress to seal than other gasket types. In addition, the engineered E-ring will serve as a secondary seal during normal operation and the primary sealing element during a fire.

* Note: The “FS” or “Fire Safe” designation denotes only that this gasket has successfully passed the API 6FB fire test. Due to the fact that every fire is unique and many uncontrolled variables are present, no other claims regarding suitability or performance in a fire are made. Each designer, user and/or operator will need to assess their individual situation when deciding to install FS style gaskets. Patent Pending

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