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The VCXT flange insulating kit is comprised of an insulating gasket, insulating sleeves, insulating washers and metal backing washers. The insulating gasket is constructed from a machined metal core utilizing a serrated profile. The metal core is faced with THERMa-PUR™, a proprietary high temperature sealing material that out performs vermiculite. Correct gasket location is ensured by the use of a Garlock 5500 spacer ring, located around the periphery of the serrated metal core.

High temperature flange insulation sets are specifically designed to create a seal and maintain electrical isolation across a wide range of seating stresses and flange classes in elevated temperature service. They can be utilized in load compromised connections; such as damaged and/or lined flanges and also heavily bolted connections where significant gasket stresses may be generated. In addition the relatively high compression characteristics of the facing material ensure both seal and isolation performance can be achieved over a wide range of flange surface finishes. The use of THERMa-PUR™ as the sealing material pushes the performance of the VCXT insulation kit beyond the temperature capability of traditional insulation sets based on vermiculite or glass/epoxy sealing technology. THERMa-PUR™ is designated as fire safe, complying with the requirements of the oil and gas industry recognized API 607 and API 6FB fire tests.

THERMa-PUR™ is suitable for sealing across a wide range of chemicals (pH 0-14) and sweet and sour gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. Standard core and washer metallurgy are NACE (MRO175) compliant.

The insulating gasket and washers have been designed and developed for use in standard pipeline flanges where both cathodic protection and high integrity sealing are required at elevated service temperatures.


  • Operational pressure range:
    » Full vacuum to ASME B16.5 1500lbOperational temperature range:
    » -328°F – 770°F (-200°C to 410°C)

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