Pipeline Pigging

Aggressive, long-life pigs in a variety of cup and disc configurations are an excellent solution for pipeline maintenance. Whether you’re cleaning your pipeline for efficiency or corrosion control, removing construction debris or hydro-testing a new or recommissioned pipeline, Pipetech offers a multitude of product options for the task. After all, it’s not just about putting a pig in a pipeline.

Our pipeline pigs come in a variety of styles and sizes designed to accurately and effectively move through pipes of all sizes and configurations. Let us help you determine the appropriate pigs for your specific needs.

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Pipeline Sealing and Electrical Isolation

Pipetech provides a wide selection of quality joint sealing and isolation kits. Our products are designed to effectively seal and, if necessary, isolate flanges for all types of applications. We provide high quality sealing and isolating products used to guarantee the safe flow of fluids passing through pipeline transmission, distribution and process piping systems. Flange isolation products include a wide selection of isolating/sealing gaskets along with a variety of sleeves and washers. Flange isolation kits are available for all flange sizes, types, pressure ratings and materials.

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Meter Proving

Seamless, inflatable meter proving and pipeline spheres eliminate concerns over seam splitting or delaminating.

The unique manufacturing process permits valve bodies to be firmly embedded in the wall of the pipeline sphere to prevent leakage around the valve.  These spheres have a more consistent wall thickness, offering truer diameters resulting in more uniform wear and constant wall contact in meter-proving and measurement operations. The material provides greater flexibility for adapting to changing line conditions and better abrasion and blister resistance across a broad range of chemical and product environments.

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Pipeline Abandonment

  • Lightweight, easy to handle – up to 70% lighter than similar steel plugs.
  • Durable cast aluminum – heavy duty, non-corrosive and maintenance-free; with natural rubber seal.
  • Fill or Vent – threaded pipe stem has removable cap.
  • Simple to install and work with – wing nut easily expands rubber seal.

NOTE: Expansion plugs are less effective at the higher limits of expansion than in the mid range. Let us help you by supplying the proper sizes for your requirements.

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